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Get Urgent Vet Care for Your Pet in Charlottesville, VA


If you’re worried about your pet’s health, or do not know if you should bring your pet to a vet, call us right away to talk about your pet’s condition. We have licensed veterinarians, licensed technicians and a team of courteous support staff here to help guide you.

Our Animal Hospital is open 8am-8pm, 7 days per week.

VETSS is proud to serve the urgent veterinary needs of the greater Charlottesville and Shenandoah Valley area.

Call us immediately if you believe your pet:

  • May have ingested something it shouldn’t have
  • Experienced physical trauma
  • Is displaying worrisome and out-of-the-ordinary behavior (vomiting, diarrhea, listlessness, ataxia (wobbly when walking), limping, crying out in pain, not eating or drinking for several days, urinating blood, or other unusual behaviors).
Signs Your Pet May Be Having an Emergency
Some symptoms to look out for:

  • Pale gums
  • Rapid breathing
  • Weak or rapid pulse
  • Change in body temperature
  • Difficulty standing
  • Loss of consciousness or Seizures
  • Excessive bleeding, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Inability to urinate or defecate

Our Promise to You

As urgent care providers, we believe in compassionate care. We understand that our patients and owners are distressed, and oftentimes suffering. We believe that honesty and integrity are paramount in our relationships with our clients and the referral doctors who trust their patients to us. We believe that maintaining the highest standards of care for your pet must not be compromised by other goals. Finally, we promise to provide a dedicated veterinary team in order to offer the best emergency medical care and comfort for your pet.

In house laboratory, pharmacy, and blood bank:

To better serve our patients and clients, VETSS offers a small animal blood bank, on-site pharmacy, and in-house laboratory. We are also prepared for a variety of diagnostics including advanced imaging such as dental radiography, digital radiography, and ultrasound. Our facility is set up for hospitalization of critically ill patients, including an oxygen supplementation chamber, and full isolation and surgical suites.

After care, we ensure that all medical records, radiographs, and other pertinent findings are accessible to your primary care veterinarian and any referral hospitals.

What to Expect At Our Urgent Care Clinic

When you arrive at our facility, you will be greeted by our calm, courteous, professional team. They will assess and begin care for your pet as soon as possible. 

Our veterinary technicians provide regular updates on your pet’s condition, and get your consent before any procedures. Our reception team is also available to answer any questions you have during your pet’s visit.

If possible, call us before your visit so we can be prepared for your animal’s medical situation. We make every effort to see patients in a timely manner, but give priority to those with critical and life-threatening conditions. This may create a delay for patients whose conditions are not life-threatening.

Our Airport Road Location & Directions

For more information about our facility, please visit our About page.

We're located across from the Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO).

Please call ahead when possible.

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VETSS proudly serves all of the greater Charlottesville region: From Harrisonburg to Richmond, including Fluvanna, Orange, Albemarle, Culpeper, Rockingham, Greene, Madison, Louisa, and Augusta Counties.

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