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What exactly is Parvo??

Parvo is a particularly nasty viral disease that affects young dogs or dogs that have never been exposed to the virus or been given a vaccine. The disease was first seen in the United States back in the 1970s. Once infected, the virus is shed in large numbers by the dog. The virus itself is…


Winter Hazards

During the holidays people enjoy the festivities inside the household and keeping warm. With the holidays also comes cold weather. It is important to recognize the hazards that are present within the home and also outside. Every breed is different on how they handle cold weather but it is important to provide basic protection from…


VETSS on Airport Rd, Compassionate Care for your Pet – Call to schedule an exam today!

This month finds VETSS in a period of transition. Historically, we have provided emergency veterinary care 24 hours a day. We are passionate about saving our critical pets! However, we recently added general veterinary practice services for the Charlottesville area and are in the process of training a dental specialist for your pet’s needs. We will…


Rabies, the Insidious Virus

The first image that many of us have when the word rabies is mentioned is a animal, driven to the heights of aggression while foaming at the mouth. Popular books such as Stephen King’s Cujo and even children’s movies such as Over the Hedge have reinforced this image. Because of this, the public may have…

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