General Info

General Info

It is important that you
call us before your visit.

VETSS is now offering General Practice!

Click HERE for more information on general vet practice.

Emergency Vet – Charlottesville, Virginia

As the ONLY veterinary facility staffed 24/7in Charlottesville, we can offer convenience AND expertise all in one location!

No Appointment Necessary,

but call ahead if possible.

If possible, it is important that you call us before your visit so that we can be prepared for your medical situation.  We make every effort to see patients in a timely manner but patients with the most critical and life-threatening conditions will be given priority.  This may create a delay for patients whose conditions are not life-threatening.

Wellness Program:

  • Vaccinations
  • Fecal Exams
  • Heartworm Tests & Prevention
  • Advanced Dentistry Procedures
  • Routine Surgeries such as Spay & Neuter
  • Prescription Diets
  • Flee & Tick Meds
  • and MUCH MORE!

Medical Records

We ensure that all copies of medical records, radiographs, and other pertinent findings will be sent to your regular veterinarian, so that together, we can offer complete care for your pet.

Wellness Examinations

VETSS does provide wellness examinations, routine vaccinations, or procedures such as spaying or neutering.  We are happy to accept new clients for limited general practice.


  • Dr. Sara V. Salmon
  • Dr. C. Ryan McKenna
  • Dr. Courtney Jagger
  • Dr. Anna Munsey
  • Dr. Brad DiCarlo
  • Kim Benda, LVT
  • Tiny Stevens, LVT
  • Marthe Thomas, LVT
  • Charlie Armentrout, Technician/Assistant
  • Kate Beaver, Technician/Assistant
  • Cherish Walters, Assistant
  • Austi, Davies, Assistant
  • Kelly Jarvis, Assistant
  • Lauren Corbin, Assistant
  • Deborah Blosser (Office Manager)
  • Kristina Johnson (Practice Manager)
  • Molly Brown, Reception
  • Trista Kirtley, Reception
  • Wendy Rose, Reception

All Veterinarians are Registered Members of the following:

American Veterinary
Medical Association
Virginia Veterinary
Medical Association


All Veterinarians and Technicians are Registered Members of the following:

Veterinary Emergency
and Critical Care Society

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